1962 Jazz Bass Reissue in Candy Apple Red Lacquer

This JB62-95 '62 Jazz Bass reissue from 1989-90 is Fender Japan's most ambitious Jazz Bass from that era, using all the top-shelf components that were found in ExTrads, Custom Editions, and highest-level JV's from other periods in the company's history. It has an alder body finished in Candy Apple Red lacquer, reverse tuners, a dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard, US Fender vintage pickups, and all-USA electronics including CTS pots and Switchcraft jack.

It's in excellent mechanical condition although it has its share of blems, primarily on the body's back, and shows on its bottom edge the sort of reactive finish problems that lacquer is prone to. It weighs 9 lbs 6 oz (4.25 kg) and comes with a gig bag.

To purchase or inquire about this guitar, please contact guitargai.

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